Hunger, conflict, disaster, war and political unrest - millions of children live within these unimaginable contexts. Your support gave them hope.

And for that, we want to say, thank you.

In 2023 your gift bought hope. Practically speaking, that can look like... water, food, medicine, a school pack, safety, a blanket, a hygiene kit, a heater, education, peace classes and the hope list goes on.

Below we've got some key stories and amazing stats. We invite you to scroll on and see how your gift made a global impact, in local ways. Be encouraged, hope is alive and you are a part of it.

A young woman poses next to a small rose garden.

Hend, 14, a Syrian refugee, poses next to a small rose garden in between the tents where she lives at an informal tented settlement (ITS), Lebanon.

Mark Abou Jaoude (WV2747172)

Your impact has transformed countless lives!

We believe in a world where children can live in peace and stability. Through our projects we continued to strive to achieve that.

These achievements show the positive impact we're making in children's lives worldwide, giving them hope and the future they truly deserve — and it's all thanks to you!


The ongoing climate crises and conflict in Somalia pose significant challenges for vulnerable children and families. Your help has brought hope and change, providing clean water, nourishment for malnourished children, and peace-building initiatives to mitigate violence.

  • Water & Sanitation


people now have access to clean water and food.

  • Nutrition


vulnerable families received money to buy essential food items for their survival.

  • Child Protection


community leaders are trained to deal with and prevent gender based violence.

In 2023 we setup projects...

Now the Somalia team means business!

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In Mali's challenging landscape, your impact is crucial. Despite internal conflicts, violence and economic instability, your contributions provided immediate relief for vulnerable families and paved the way for a brighter future. Your generosity is making a tangible difference in the lives of many in Mali.

  • Nutrition


vulnerable families received money to buy essential food items for their survival.

  • Education


students received daily meals to make sure they can focus on school.

  • Livelihood


gardeners trained to be more productive, hygienic and self-sufficient.

Far from home, Hawa hopes for school

  • Education
  • Food & Nutrition

Displaced children deserve an education, your gift is helping make that happen!

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In the City of Tripoli, Lebanon, your support has been pivotal. Despite internal instabilities and economic challenges compounded by conflicts in neighbouring countries, your assistance has helped alleviate the burdens faced by vulnerable communities. We remain committed to protecting children in Lebanon and aiding communities in their survival and recovery efforts.

  • Education


learning spaces were renovated to create environments for education and development.

  • Education


teachers were recruited and trained to increase child-literacy and child protection.

  • Emergency Response


vulnerable individuals received critical humanitarian assistance.

The Kids of Tripoli want an education!

  • Education

Your gift is helping them get one, through Unlock Literacy :)

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Honduras faces major economic struggles, soaring irregular migration, and volatile gang violence. Our programs focus on safeguarding children, promoting education and rights, fostering community participation, and influencing government institutions for policy changes. Through your ongoing support, we've made a noticeable difference and are moving towards making a lasting impact on the lives of thousands in Honduras.

  • Child Protection


children supported through programs to reduce and prevent violence.

  • Emergency Response


vulnerable individuals received life-saving humanitarian assistance.

  • Child Protection


individuals were trained on child protection practices.

Take your seat, please...

  • Education
  • Child Protection

The 'Bus of Tenderness' is ready to drive change!

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Democratic Republic of Congo

In the challenging landscape of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), your steadfast support has made a substantial impact on vulnerable communities facing complex crises. Despite formidable security challenges posed by disruptive and violent rebellions, your help has given these remarkable people hope for a better future and crucial life-sustaining aid to help them survive.

  • Livelihood


community members received seed kits and livestock.

  • Nutrition


malnourished women and children received clean water and nutritional interventions.

  • Livelihood


women leaders trained on income-generation, women's rights and gender-based violence.

Looking for a miracle?!

  • Food & Nutrition
  • Healthcare

We got you covered, cause Jusline is alive & Bénédicte is probably an angel :)

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In the cities of Marawi and Cotabato in the Philippines, ongoing displacements, violence, and child protection concerns pose significant challenges. Your generosity has directly impacted over 12,000 people in the Philippines this year, making a real difference in their lives!

  • Education


children received learning kits consisting of school bags and supplies to support and encourage enrollment in school and alternative education.

  • Education


children participated in Conflict and Peace-building programs.

  • Emergency Response


caregivers gained knowledge to improve child health, nutrition, and hygiene.

Basa Kubo with us...

  • Education
  • Child Protection

A dedicated woman & a humble hut... welcome to building an educated future :)

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This year, in the midst of upheaval in Afghanistan, a ban on work in specific fields and women's education, we persevered, prioritising health, nutrition, and child protection despite these challenges. With your support, we aimed to restore immediate access to essential services disrupted by the unstable situation created by and deepened by restrictive authorities' decisions.

  • Child Protection


children provided with mental health and emotional support services.

  • Healthcare


individuals given access to health facilities equipped with modern resources and trained professionals.

  • Healthcare


children received critical treatment for chronic & acute diseases, surgery and mental health support.

Walk the walk, sometimes quietly...

The pursuit of hope in Afghanistan.

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Young woman standing holding a backpack.

19-year-old Ruru walks near her house, Marawi City, Philippines.

Arnann Jay Agosto (WV13008403)

It's because
of you.

Your impact is burning bright for vulnerable children and people even when disasters strike. Here's a snapshot of what you've helped achieve when life changes in an instant.

people in crisis assisted (including 18.8 million children).

disasters (in 60 countries) were urgently responded to.

people reached through cash & food assistance.

Our Commitment We're here for the children, helping them no matter what!

Our commitment to children around the world is to Survive, Recover, Build a Future.

Countless vulnerable children are born or forced into fragile and dangerous environments where leaving is not an option for them, so turning our backs on them is not an option either.

That is why, our dedication is resolute in reaching those who need us most. We commit to securing additional funding, bolstering our capabilities, and fortifying our promise to make impactful changes to their lives.

In the landscape of 2023's uncertainties — marked by instability, disasters, and conflict — we stand firm, knowing our programs endure. With your continued support, we not only maintain but elevate our commitment for the years ahead.

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